Physics is a science which deals with the study of matter, energy, motion and their interactions between the fundamental elements. The study of Physics falls into many categories with latest research technologies in development of devices, instruments and advancements in up to date research field.

It includes and focuses on many parts in enhancing scientific sessions to cover all frontier topics which include Atomic physics, Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Physics, Solid state physics, Astrophysics, Optics and Lasers, High Energy physics, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Applied Physics, Nano-Technology, Medical Physics, Biophysics, Organic Electronics, Experimental Physics, Materials Physics, Space Physics and many more.

To showcase the innovations, advancements and new trends in the field of physics, we are conducting International meetings to bring Eminent personalities, Nobel laureates, Prominent Scientists, Researchers, Academicians, Industrialists under one roof to create much needed opportunity to share, discuss and exchange their knowledge with the experts to organize International Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums which are experimental, practical and theoretical.



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