This October brings you the most awaited and interesting Conferences to build your network under Lexis Brand. Best Research subjects like Nursing, Stem cells, Microbiology, Chemistry, Pathology, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Biochemistry, Cardiology, Chemical engineering, Diabetes, Healthcare, Neurology, Physics, Engineering and Alternative Medicine to be showcased by using international platform among eminent delegates.

Lexis 2019 Conferences with the help of its scientific collaborators launching conferences at the best visiting places in the world like Paris, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. The entry tickets or passes available from the conference website. In details of the cities

Paris, France

According to bloggers Paris is the best destination to spend your valuable time with pool of memories, world famous buildings and monuments like Eifel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Opéra Garnier etc.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The capital city of United Arab Emirates has the best destinations to visit and the race concerts of Abu Dhabi are one of the must attend concerts for tourists.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the must see place for Travel Lovers. The modern city has unique historical destinations and many researches institute which itself a landmark for traditional Japanese culture.



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