Why must visit London

Interesting Facts About London

London is the Capital and the most populous city in England and the United Kingdom. It is a very multicultural city, with over 300 different languages spoken. One of the most visited cities by international tourists in the World with famous attractions like Big Ben clock, Tower Bridge, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey etc. Immersed in history, this big city is brimming with culture and art. It also offers one of the planet's greatest concentrations of cultural attractions. From royal palaces to the people's parliament, from museums and churches to riding a giant Ferris wheel for breath-taking views, you could spend endless days exploring London's sites without ever running out of unique things to see and do. It has several parks for tourists to stroll, rest and relax in. They include Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Green Park, St. James's Park, Hampstead Heath and Greenwich Park. You can find all types of music from pop to jazz, classical concerts to hip-hop. There are many theatre productions and the ‘West End’ is where some of the largest theatres show famous musicals like Cats, The Phantom of the Opera or Mamma Mia. Interwoven with the city’s buildings, roads and train lines are wilder spaces and valuable habitats such as grasslands rich with wild flowers, rivers, reedbeds, and ancient woodlands. Along with other green and blue open spaces, like gardens, canals a wide range of wildlife. Several world-leading education institutions for both teaching and research are based in London.


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