Will I be able to select the length of my speech or it will be assigned to me?

LexisConferences Conferences will assign you the time slot, the length and hall for your presentation and will notify you once all assignments are finalised.

Is there a guarantee on how many people will attend my speaking session?

LexisConferences cannot guarantee attendance. However, the tentative program will be communicated to you before 1 month of the conference. If you want to recommend any speakers for your session you can write the recommendations to respective conference manager.

Does LexisConferences make travel arrangements for speakers?

You are responsible for making all travel arrangements. We will offer Invitation letter to support your Visa application.

When should the speaker arrive at the presentation room?

We recommend that the speaker should arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the session.

Will the presentation automatically be loaded in the session room prior to my session?

Speakers should bring their presentation (preferably as a Microsoft PowerPoint) with them to the conference on a USB memory stick. Please present your memory stick to the conference staff to upload it onto the lap top at least 1h before your session.

Will I have access to the Internet?

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided inside the conference hall.

Do you have recommendations for my PowerPoint presentation?

We usually find that any font size less than 24 point is too small to be reasonably read in most presentation situations. We would prefer to see most text at a 28 or 32- point size, with titles being 36 to 44-point size.

What if I have other questions/concerns about speaking?

If you have any other questions, please contact the Conference manager.

How long should I plan for my presentation?

You will have 25 – 30 minutes of presentation (excluding Q&A).

Are speakers given attendee contact information?

If you would like to have the contact details, please email the programme manager 1 moth before the event. The programme manager will provide you a list of attendees who have agreed to share their details.

Can I bring a guest/helper/client/significant other/kid, etc. to my session?

One guest may be invited with presenters; however, they must register under concomitant category to be admitted into the Conference room. Please contact a conference manager for more information.

Note: No children under the age of 12 are permitted in the conference room.

How can I register? What are the registration rates?

You will receive an email with registration details after the abstract acceptance. Please visit the registration page for deadlines, rates, and other registration information.

Are workshops included in conference registration?

Once registered for the conference, you can attend any session or workshop scheduled in the programme.

I only want to attend one day of the conference, is that possible?

Yes, one-day conference registration is available. Select option one day registration option in the registration page.

I just want to attend one session. Is that possible to do without registering for the conference?

Individuals wanting to participate in one session must register for a one-day pass for that day; LexisConferences does not allow unregistered attendees to come to sessions or other conference events.

I am an overseas participant and need a letter of invitation before I can receive my visa. What is the procedure?

LexisConferences will provide letters of invitation upon request to registrants only in the following circumstances:

  • Registration is paid in full.
  • Registrants must use an email address affiliated with an institute of higher education or a recognized organization related to international higher education.

Where do I go to register for the LexisConferences conference?

Registration for the 2019 LexisConferences will open in September and you may register for the 2019 conference via our Online Registration Form. All conference participants must register by a certain date (see event’s website for details), or their presentation information will not appear in the printed conference program.

Can I get a discount for registering early?

Absolutely. LexisConferences offers an early-bird discounts on all registration levels to those who register for the conference by a certain date. More information about registration rates for the 2019 kindly visit the website.

What does my registration fee include?

Registration fees for the LexisConferences include admittance to all two days of the conference, including all sessions, plenaries, lunch and refreshments.

The institution with which I am affiliated is a society/government organization. Am I exempt from paying the individual registration fee?

No. All conference attendees must formally register for the conference.

I will not be presenting any work at the Conference. May I attend the event without registering?

We welcome participants who are not presenting work, but registration is required. You can register on-site, or you can register in advance at the early bird registration rate.

How much are the LexisConferences Registration Fees?

The fees vary based on your status as well as when you are registering for the conference. Please visit the conference website for the registration page for detailed information about the applicable registration rates.

What is included in the Registration Fee?

The registration fee includes access to all conference sessions and exhibits. When you check-in at the registration desk, you will receive a delegate bag, which includes copies of the conference programme, your name tag, and other relevant information. The registration fee also covers access to a morning and afternoon coffee breaks on both days of the conference. If you have been accepted to a pre-conference workshop, food for the pre-conference day will also be included in your fees.

What is your registration policy for authors/presenters that have a paper or panel accepted for the conference?

LexisConferences no-show policy requires that at least one co-author for each accepted manuscript must be registered. Otherwise, the abstract may be removed from the program. If multiple co-authors are planning to attend the conference, each co-author must register individually. For panels, the requirement is that all panellists must be registered.

What is your registration policy for track/session chairs?

All participants, including track and session chairs and board members are required to pay the full registration fees for attending the LexisConferences Conference.

What is the On-Site Registration Fee?

As a convenience to members who may decide to participate at our conference at the last minute, LexisConferences provides on-site registration services. The On-Site Registration Fee applies to all classes of registrations.

How do I confirm that I'm successfully registered?

Once your registration is finalized, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that you are officially registered and shows what your certificate information will look like. You will receive an Official Receipt, via email again, as proof of payment.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that members who have registered for the conference may have to cancel their registrations due to unforeseen circumstances. Please note that cancellation requests for an already confirmed registration will be processed according to the following schedule:

  • Before one month of conference: 100% refund (less $20 cancellation fee)
  • 15 days before conference: 50% refund
  • After conference: No refunds available

Can I pay with a credit card?

LexisConferences accepts all credit cards or PayPal. If you choose to register at the conference venue instead of online, please bring cash. Be sure that you have international authorization for your credit card. If not contact your bank to provide the international authorization.

I’m a PhD student. Can I get a student discount?

Yes, you will be provided with discounts. Kindly contact the programme manager.

I need an official receipt to give to my institution. How can I get one?

Official receipt will be provided on the day of the conference.

I'm a presenter coming from overseas. Can I pay onsite?

Yes, you can register onsite. Just email us to let us know why you can't pay in advance, and provide evidence that you are going to attend the conference.

Is there any opportunity to give a presentation about my company in the conference hall

Yes, you can book a 20min speaker slot to talk about your company profile and the exhibiting products. Please speak to the programme managers in more detail regarding the possible time slots.

What kind of facilities do you offer to an Exhibitor

You can attend our live sessions of the conference; you can also give a presentation about your Company and your products, or have an exhibitor booth to promote your company during the conference.

How many members can attend the conference on behalf of company to exhibit at the conference as an Exhibitor?

Only two persons allowed to the conference, so we can provide all the facilities to both which comes under the registration.

Does it have to be CEO or Managing Director of the company who attends the conference for the exhibition?

Anyone from Marketing team/ Management can attend the conference from the company or organization.

How will the booth setup in terms size

We will provide the booth space of about 3.3 Sq.mts, and an exhibition bench along with the conference facia along with your company logo.

Will you give the participant certificate to the exhibitors?

Yes, Exhibitor will receive a certificate of acknowledgement.

Can I play Video Tape at the Exhibition

You are allowed to play your product video tape within the audible range. You can also play your product advertisement at the conference before or after the refreshment breaks. You need to contact the conference manager for further details.

Is there any Demonstration rules?

You need to demonstrate your products to the participants at your prescribed space provided by the manager. It is not recommendable to use the extra space around the booth.

Can I decorate my exhibition booth?

You can decorate your exhibition booth. At the same time you need to follow the rules and regulations of the conference venue. Fire prone products, animals, were prohibited at the exhibition area

Can I distribute my own company brochure to the participants?

Yes you can. You need to have prior permission from the manager and from the hotel manager.

Where I can store my products during the exhibition days?

You need to contact the manager for the storage of your products

Am I eligible to showcase my products, I am still having outstanding balance to pay towards the conference?

You need to clear your outstanding balance prior to the conference days to avoid the inconvenience.

Can I stick posters at the exhibition booth?

You can showcase your products description on any of the banner but, permanent pasting, materials that damage the floor and wall are not allowed

We want to attend the conference as an exhibitor, but we are not the manufactures of the biological instruments, can we?

Yes, you can attend as an exhibitor, and we will provide all the facilities under general exhibitor category.

The following categories can be considered as Event Exhibitors i.e., Food industries, Pearls stores, cloth stores, Electronics, Health Insurance, Life insurances, Medical equipment’s, Mobile Applications, Nutrition based products etc…

We want to attend the conference as an exhibitor for more conferences. So is it possible for us?

Yes, you can attend the conferences by purchasing the membership. Contact the programme manager for more information about the Exhibitor membership.

What is the maximum booth size?

The maximum height for all configurations, including all booth elements such as truss and signage is 3*3sqm, with exceptions as noted on the floor plans, also provide spaces as per the exhibitor proposals

How do I register?

Proceed with the following link to book your slot at exhibitor registration Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration link:

What things do I need to bring, and what would you provide for us?

You need to bring the products, which you are exhibiting and wear formal company’s attire. We will provide the space for the booth along with the exhibitor table to keep your products, exhibitor facia, and identification card, which you should wear during the entire session of the conference. We will also provide you with the participation certificates at the award ceremony.

How can I reserve hotel accommodations?

You can book your accommodation by contacting us

Who do I contact with specific questions?

Our onsite coordinator will be assisting you at the venue one day before and during the conference

How many exhibitor badges do I get with my booth and where I get my badge?

Each primary exhibitor company is allocated a limited number of 2 badges. PLEASE NOTE: Additional name badges are available for purchase for $99 USD each

Can I display items outside my booth area?

No, for health and safety reasons you’re not allowed to expand beyond your stand area.

How many ways can I pay?

  • Invoice or Bank transfer: You can use the bank details provided at our invoices.
  • Credit Card: LexisConferences accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card payment.
  • PayPal: You can make the payment through your PayPal account.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Payment for all services must be pre-paid in full.

Exhibitors are requested to join the Group picture as mentioned in the programme

I need a formal letter of invitation to participate in the conference. Who should I contact?

You need to contact the program manager.

In case I have to cancel my conference participation after getting visa, can I obtain a refund of my registration?

We will give you the refund as per our T&C’s

Which visa type I should select to attend a conference in foreign countries?

You should select B1/B2/ Tourist option if you intend to attend the conference.

Will you send direct recommendation letter to the embassy for getting the visa?

No, as per our official regulations we will not send any direct recommendation letter to the embassy. However we will send you the “Official Conference invitation letter” which will be addressed to the relevant embassy.

I want to attend the conference along with my family. My child age is 4 years. is it mandatory to have a visa?

You can take dependent visa for your Children

My visa got rejected. Can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply with minimum 1 month gap. If needed, we will issue another invitation letter for reapplying.

After applying the visa, I transferred my registration to another conference. Can I use previous invitation letter for my visa interview?

We will issue another invitation letter with the respective conference information.

We registered under group registration but 2 of our friend’s visa got denied. How will we get refund for them?

Yes, we will give you the refund as per T&C’s, please contact the Program Manager.

How can we get the visa to attend the conference?

To apply for visa, you need to book a slot for an interview. You would then be given an appointment which you must attend with necessary documents.

Can you send official invitation letter to my friend for getting visa who is replacing my participation in the conference?

Yes, we will send another invitation letter to him/her who is attending the conference

What is VISA WAIVER PROGRAM for USA; can you brief eligibilities for VWP?

You must be a citizen or national of the following countries* to be eligible to travel to the United States under the VWP.

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, Czech Republic Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan*, United Kingdom****To be eligible to travel under the VWP, British citizens must have the unrestricted right of permanent abode in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

Find more information on VWP, follow:

Canada Visa-exempt

The following travelers need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to board their flight to Canada. However, these travelers do not need an eTA if entering by land or sea – for instance driving from the U.S. or coming by bus, train, or boat, including cruise ship.

What are the necessary documents I need to submit for my visa interview?

  • Passport with 6 month validity.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Photo copy of passport.
  • Copy of online filled form.
  • Letter of Invitation from the organization
  • Proof of Residential Address

What is the duration of conference visa?

Conference Visa will be issued for period of Six months with single entry permission. Visa duration starts on the day of issuance of Visa.

How long can I stay in the United States on a business visa?

The duration of stay in the US is determined by the Immigration Officer on arrival. The maximum duration of stay on a B1/B2 visa is 6 months.

Why our previous visa was got rejected?

Depending on what country you're applying to, your visa rejection letter may or may not include reasons for being rejected. The reason for your rejection is important because it explains why the admission officer does not believe you to be a genuine visitor. By understanding what went wrong with your previous application, you will be better able to improve your circumstances accordingly.

What is a conference visa?

A conference visa is issued to those who would like to visit foreign countries for international conferences on behalf of their research department, who have an invitation issued by the particular organization to a conference/seminar/workshop being organized in different countries.

I have dual citizenship. Which passport should I use to travel to the United States?

If one of your nationalities is not American, you can apply using whichever nationality you prefer, but you must disclose all nationalities to the American Institute on your application form. U.S. citizens, even dual citizens/nationals, must enter and depart the United States using a U.S. passport.

Who is eligible for the Poster competition?

Poster competition is open to Graduates, Post Graduates and Research Scholars who are under the age of 35.

What is the dimension of the poster?

Each poster should be approximately 1m x 1m

How do I Identify my poster board?

Each poster will be assigned with a unique identification number, and these will be placed at the venue on the day of the poster presentations. The unique number will also be mentioned in the scientific programme.

When should I hang my poster up and take it down?

Poster should be placed at the allotted places 2 hours prior to the poster session and can be removed at the end of the session.

When will the Best poster awards be announced?

Best posters will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the conference.

Should I submit the final version of my poster for review? Can I make changes after the review?

For the submission, the poster does not need to be finalized; you may update the poster after acceptance, but a representative draft of the poster must be submitted for review.

Can I give Oral presentation along with the poster presentation?

Yes, we have separate oral category for students i.e. Emerging Scholar Forum/Session.

What should be the text size in poster?

Use large text (your text should be at least 18-24 pt; headings 30-60 pt; title >72pt.

Can I use colourful fonts and images for poster?

Yes, you can. But please choose your colours carefully and pay attention to contrast.

What information should be included in a poster?

Title (with authors and affiliations), Introduction , Objectives/ Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusion, References, Acknowledgements, Contact information.

Who will judge the posters?

The judgment will be done by Board of Jury.

How many judges will be there?

There may be one or two judges to evaluate the posters.

Can I share my poster with the other attendees too?

Apart from the judging time you may also be present at the poster to share your research with interested delegates.

What is the procedure to submit my abstract for poster presentation?

You can submit the abstract online through the official webpage of that respective conference in poster category or you can email it to the respective email id of that particular conference.

When will I get the acceptance status of my submitted abstract for poster?

You will be notified within 48-72 business hours after your submission.

How are Best Posters selected?

Posters will be evaluated based on the following three parameters; those are Presentation Style, Research Quality and Layout/Design. Also your overall responses to the questions of the judges and the completeness of work.

Is there any word limit for posters?

Posters with 800 words or less are perfect. Avoid submitting compactly packed, high word-count posters.

Maximum how many posters can I present for a single conference?

Only one, if you want to present more than one poster, please email the Conference manager.

What is the difference between e-poster and poster?

If someone is unable to attend the conference physically then he/she can submit the e-copy of his/her poster for the E-poster presentation category.