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11th World Congress on Food Chemistry

Nov 14-15, 2023


Chicago, United States of America

11th World Congress on Food Chemistry


LexisConferences Welcome you all to the 11th World Congress on Food Chemistry to be held in the month of November 14-15, 2023 in Chicago, United States of America.

New Flavor Development On Food Chemistry 

LexisConferences Cordially invites all the participants across the globe to attend the "11th World Congress on Food Chemistry" during November 14-15, 2023 in Chicago, United States of America.

On November 14–15, 2023, the "11th World Congress on Food Chemistry" will take place in Chicago, United State of America with the theme "New Flavour Development in Food Chemistry." To all attendees, a sincere welcome from the Food Chemistry Conferences Committee. By attending Food Chemistry Congress 2023, you'll get the chance to network with top-tier nutritionists, food chemists, clinical nutritionists, dieticians, and business leaders, creating a platform for collaborations and partnerships.

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About Food Chemistry Conference 2023, Chicago | United State of America

A prestigious worldwide conference exploring the complex field of food chemistry, the 11th World Congress on Food Chemistry brings together academics, industry experts, and policymakers. The congress aspires to inspire discussions and discoveries that will define the future of food science by focusing on the most recent developments, innovations, and problems in this dynamic industry.

This food conference will concentrate on the chemical factors of food, their nutritive, sensitive, flavor, microbiological, and physiological aspects; changes in chemical or biochemical composition and structure during processing, transportation, and storage; chemical aspects of food safety, quality, other by-products, recovering wastes; chemistry of agrochemicals, food complements, and adulterants, along with their metabolism and toxicology, etc.

Food chemistry is the discipline that deals with the major and minor ingredients of food. It's the study of chemical processes and relations between all-natural and non-biological factors of food. Food is any nutrient-rich material consumed or absorbed by humans, brutes, or shops to sustain life and growth. It's consumed because it provides energy and aliment and keeps humans and brutes healthy.

Academic Keytopics: Macronutrients and Micronutrients | Food Additives | Food Processing and Preservation | Food Flavor and Aroma | Maillard Reaction | Food Biochemistry | Acrylamide In food | Analytical Food Chemistry | Food Nutrition | Food Nanotechnology | Food Toxicology | Food Packaging | Food Quality and Safety | Food Analysis and Instrumentation | Food Bio-Actives | Food Drug Analysis | Diet in Obesity and Underweight | New and rapid methods for food chemistry.

Business keytopics: Product Development | Quality Assurance and Control | Food Safety and Regulations | Shelf Life and Stability | Cost Optimization | Labeling and Marketing | Supply Chain Management | Consumer Trends and Preferences | Sustainability and Environmental Impact | Intellectual Property and Patents | Reactions in Food Quality | Food Colorants | Analysis and Prevention of Chemical Food Safety Hazards | Food Starches and Hydrocolloids | Health Benefits of Functional Foods

Importance and Scope

Leading academic researchers, doctors, professors, research fellows, directors, deans, postgraduates in nutrition and food chemistry, food chemistry professionals, health care providers, nutrition specialists, food chemistry specialists, nutrition entrepreneurs, nutrition faculty, food faculty, faculty, nutrition academicians, food chemistry academicians, students, and business delegates are invited to participate in food chemistry conferences in order to exchange an ideas.

Why to Attend??

Experts in the fields of nutrition and food sciences will have a significant opportunity to discuss the most recent findings and concerns at Food Chemistry 2023. For Registered Dieticians and other health-care professionals, researchers, and students working in the subject, Nutrition and Food Chemistry 2023 will offer a distinctive stage where they can intentionally communicate visions and their understandings in front of a sizable international audience. This Nutrition conference, or rather all Nutrition conferences, Nutrition events, and Nutrition meetings, will assist in the B2B construction between professionals other than academics and the mixing of various minds in nutrition and dietetics across the planet.

Who can attend??

Food chemistry Congress welcomes Scientists, Researchers, Doctors Professors, Research fellows, Directors, Deans, Post-graduates in Food chemistry, Food chemistry Professionals, Health Care Professionals, Nutrition Specialists, Food chemistry Specialists , Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Nutrition Faculty,  Food Faculty, Nutrition Academicians, Food chemistry Academicians, Students  and Business Delegates It is a gathering to explore issues of common concern and also exchange knowledge, share evidence, thoughts, and create solutions

Benefits -Food Chemistry 2023 Congress:

  • Abstracts that have been accepted will be published with a DOI in Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

  • In exchanging and trading ideas, global networking

  • A Special Chance for Sponsors and Advertisers at this International Conference

  • Learn about the latest research in your field

  • Develop as a presenter and researcher

  • Request input on your research.

  • Get to know your peers and meet them.

  • Gain visibility in your field

  • Stay on top of trends and topics

  • Share your research findings with others in your field

  • Promote Creativity & Innovation in business field

Download Conference Brochure:

Registration is now open for Food Chemistry Congress. The Scientific Program Committee is formalizing the program schedule, which will provide ample opportunities for networking with colleagues and old friends in the Food Research World.





We have special collobration with Foods is an international peer reviewed journal which publishes on both Chemical technology and pre- food chemical research related to food. You can publish your full article at Foods (ISSN 2304-8158) at Low article publishing charge.

Indexed and Abstracted with: 
 SCOPUS | SCImago | MIAR | Food Index | Medical Project Poland | Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) Powered by Clarivate Analytics

Special Session Topics 

Pet Food for Special Life Stages (30-45 min)

Pet Food and Human-Animal Bond (30-45 min)

Gene Therapy in Neurology (30-45 min)

Sustainability in Pet Food Production (30-45 min)

Food Processing and Allergen Management (30-45min)

Advancements in Food Processing Technologies (30-45min)

For any queries, please feel free contact us.

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Target Followership

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Famed Speakers

  • Prestigious Personalities

  • Association Heads

  • Director

  • CEO

  • Organization or Institution Heads

  • Food Science Laboratory Heads & Researchers

  • Post-Docs

  • All that’s people and associations that want to connect or are interested in Scholars along with companies are targeted as followership.

  • Scholars

  • Delegates


Why with us?

As a sponsor of the 11th World Congress on Food Chemistry, why work with us? The following are strong arguments to think about:

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  • Networking Opportunities: The congress offers a unique platform for networking and fostering valuable connections with key decision-makers, experts, and professionals from various sectors of the food chemistry community. Engage in meaningful conversations, build relationships, and explore collaboration opportunities that can drive business growth, partnerships, and advancements in the industry.

  • Thought Leadership and Speaking Opportunities: Stand out as a thought leader by sharing your insights, expertise, and best practices with a highly engaged audience. As a sponsor, you may have the opportunity to contribute to panel discussions, deliver keynote speeches, or host sponsored sessions, positioning your organization as a trusted authority and driving brand recognition.

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Market Analysis

For emerging nations, food, agriculture, and aquaculture are significant sources of national wealth. By 2022, it is anticipated that the global market for food technology will have increased dramatically and will total about $250.43 billion. In 2012, the global market for probiotic ingredients and supplements reached $27.1 billion. In 2013, that sum rose to $23.1 billion. By 2018, it might have surpassed $36.7 billion. Additionally, there are over 400,000 enterprises in the processed food industry, which has a global market value of over $2 trillion dollars. Numerous variables, such as ideal weather, the abundance of natural resources, and labour at a low wage, are responsible for this expansion. Additionally, North America and Europe are anticipated to have significant growth in the near future as a result of new trends in aquaculture.

Food flavourings were valued at USD 12.94 billion in 2017; by 2023, this market is projected to increase by 4.8 percent CAGR to reach USD 17.10 billion. This report's main objective is to define, categorise, and predict the global market for food and beverage flavours based on variables including application, type, form, geography, and origin.

More than $4 trillion is generated annually from retail food sales worldwide. Foods including dairy, seafood, eggs, fruits and vegetables, gourmet foods, organic foods, meat, packaged foods, sauces, and cereal-based goods are all included in the food sector. The accent is still on environmental initiatives, but now it is on food loss and waste.

Many consumers are always looking for ways to make ingredients from their waste streams, and food waste at the consumer and merchant ends of the food chain is also going to be subject to more scrutiny. And lately businesses have finally realised and worked out a cut out in order to regain consumer trust when negative impacting issues like the horse meat scandal, which kept the food industry in the news for all the wrong reasons in 2012, and food and out of stock scares do their damage. More producers are attempting to draw attention to the places where their goods and supplies come from as a result. Therefore, consumers should anticipate that manufacturers will start incorporating foraged, hyper-local ingredients into recognisable formats and goods in 2014.

Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK, and the USA are the nations covered in the food ingredient request report.

VISA Requirements

The organising group for Food Chemistry-2023 is adamant that we are not involved in the processing of VISAs. We may help by offering supporting documents such a Letter of Invitation, Letter of Abstract Acceptance, and Registration Payment Receipt.

You may be required to submit additional documents along with these documents to the embassy.

Letter of Invitation: The official Letter of Invitation serves as formal documentation confirming the conference committee board has approved your paper submission and registration request. It will be written in English and could be useful when applying for a visa.

* An official letter of invitation will only be sent to registered attendees.

* To receive an official letter of invitation, attendees must complete registration and submit authenticated information (such as a passport scan, date of birth, mobile number, physical address, and photo).

* Contact conference manager for more information

• Only for attendance at the conference, official letters of invitation will be given.


Sandra Poirier
Middle Tennessee State University


Poirier has been employed at MTSU since 2005. She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences from Florida State University and University of Arizona. Her Ph.D. was received in 1998 from Florida International University in Miami, Florida in Adult Education/Human Resources Development focusing on health-related quality of life within a large urban population. Prior to coming to MTSU, Dr. Poirier taught three years at Zayed University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Additionally, she has worked at the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, and the Provincial Government of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Poirier has more than 15 years of international teaching experience working in culturally diverse environments.

Researches :

  • Her strengths include creating innovative educational programs with a focus on food and culture, identifying appropriate nutrition outreach efforts to solve community problems, and empowering students for successful careers.
Dr Ahmed Hegazi
National Research Center
Cairo University


Ahmed Hegazi is currently a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the National Research Center, Egypt. Prof. Hegazi received his master’s degree in 1979, and his PhD in 1981. Hegazi's research work has been focused lately on bee products and their therapeutic effects. Dr. Hegazi awards; First Class Decoration of Excellence, Egypt, 1995, The Senior Scientist Prize of National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt, 1996, The National Scientific Prize In Biological Sciences, Egypt, 1990, The Scientific Prize of The National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt, 1989, The Second Best Research Paper Award, International Congress of Propolis, Bones Aires, Argentina, 2000, Main Speaker Award,10 th Academic Conference, PRA and NAS (Nippon Apitherapy Soc.) Japan, 2006, 2 Bronze medals from The International Innovation Fair of the Middle East, Kuwait, 2007 Awarded of Ghazi Wad Allah Salon Prize, 2008. Awarded the Merit Aware of Medical Sciences, The National Research Center, 2016. Dr. Hegazi contributed Chairman of the National Committee for Microbiological Sciences (NCMS) in Egypt, Academy of Science and Technology, Egypt, from 2018. Hegazi organized and contributed to national and international research projects since 1977 and up till now; he has been the principal investigator on multiple research projects within the National Research Center. He Conducted training courses on Clinical Microbiology, National Research Center in 1979. He has 249 articles in national and international scientific journals. Editor in 48 journals, Referee in the 98 International Journals, Organizer of 196 International Symposium and conferences, 9 books in English language and 13 books in Arabic language. He has patent No. 28335at 11/12/2017. and registers for other 7

Researches :

  • Prof. Hegazi's research work has been focused lately on bee products and their therapeutic effects.


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