Food, Nutrition, Agri & Aqua

The Food and Nutrition Event Series is exclusively intended to ground the scientific eminence and business excellence, from the above, said scientific areas, and will also work towards creating the platform to expand your research avenues and business requirements.

The event series will put across the conferences in the scientific and business space majorly covering the market verticals of Nutrition Science, Food Technology, Agriculture and Food Production, and Fisheries, Aquaculture and Sea Foods. And will cover through the geographical regions across the APAC, Europe and the Middle East.

The Food and Nutrition Event Series will start with the conferences in the subject areas including Healthcare Nutrition, Food & Nutrition Communications, Micro and Macronutrients and Food Ingredients, Nutrition and Microbiome, Genetics and Genomics associated with Nutrition, Functional Nutrition, Dietetics and Nutrition, Personalized Nutrition, Prenatal Nutrition and Maternal Nutrition and care, Child and Paediatric Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Geriatric Nutrition, Parenteral Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Food as the Medicine, Food Processing, Food Safety & Technology, Food Microbiology, Probiotics, Prebiotics, synbiotics, microbiome, Fisheries, Aquaculture, SeaFoods, Agriculture Technology, Food Production, Functional Foods, Women Health and Nutrition, Neutraceuticals, and Fitness, Obesity, Diet Management.



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