Pharmaceutical Sciences

“Medicine in the Future will give everyone the ability to become their own best Healer”

Pharmaceutical Sciences is a dynamic and multi-interdisciplinary field concerned with the integration of biological, chemical and physical sciences for discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. It plays a vital role from the discovery of a drug up to clinical evaluation and being used safely and effectively by patients. The pharmaceutical science doesn’t just help relatively healthy people maintain their wellbeing; it gives people with serious illnesses the chance to regain their health.

Pharmaceutical Sciences covers different significant fields:

Future Market Investigation of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

The global pharmaceutical industry reached unprecedented heights in 2017, being estimated at an astounding $1.11 trillion. By 2020, this is set to rise to $1.43 trillion. Being a research-driven industry, approximately $150 billion is spent by pharmaceutical companies every year on research and development projects. In 2017, a particularly high number of novel drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies across the globe were approved by various regulatory bodies. A large proportion were approved by the US regulatory body, the FDA, which approved 46 novel drugs and smashed its record for generic approvals (1,027), making history with the first biosimilar approval for the treatment of cancer, Mvasi (Biosimilar of Avastin).

Oct 18, 19

3rd Annual Congress on Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Rome, Italy


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