Immunology, Vaccines & Hematology

LEXIS Immunology conferences is an assemblage of scientists and research professionals in the field of Immunology where the latest achievements and upcoming challenges are discussed. These conferences holds information about diseases, medical conditions, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries and also contain information about the history of diseases, and the development of medical technology uses to protect us from infection. These Immunology conferences are characterized with the presence of well renowned scientists, researchers, students as well as business professionals creating an atmosphere conducive for collaborations and scientific associations.

List of Important Sessions to be discussed in 2019 with the fields of Immunology

Clinical and Cellular Immunology

Tumor and Cancer Immunology

Neuro Immunology


Infectious Diseases and Immune System

Autoimmunity and Therapathies

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

Molecular Biology

Drug Delivery

Autoimmune Disease

Parasitic Diseases

Medical and General Parasitology

Veterinary Parasitology

Antibodies and Bio Therapeutics

Infection Novel Therapies

AIDS stigma and discrimination

Immunology of diseases

Vaccines and Vaccination


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