Healthcare & Cardialogy

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”

Healing often involves marshalling multiple techniques that involve mind, body and spirit. Treatment is often individualized and dependent on presenting symptoms. The appropriate use of conventional and alternative methods is essential in order to facilitate the body’s innate healing response thereby leading to a healthy life.

Alternative Healthcare provides diverse perspectives, researches, practices and treatments on healing resources that are not presently considered as a part of Conventional medicine. It encompasses all health systems, modalities, practices and their accompanying theories and beliefs. Such healthcare methods are proven to be safe and effective thereby considered as the “mainstream” healthcare practices. These methodologies does not show any relevance to scientific methods of treatment, rather it involves in bringing conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated way. Regulation and acceptance of alternative healthcare treatments varies from region to region. Today, Complementary and Alternative healthcare practices may be broadly categorized within the major domains that include:

Alternative Healthcare Conferences are responsible for the dissemination and development of alternative medical therapies as well as the investigation and research of the updated scientific foundation of these techniques. These Conferences basically support and guide the new and innovative path of treatment of various health disorders naturally those are proved to be effective with carefully designed trials and research thereby setting up a platform for the healthcare practitioners, therapists, and skill-based herbalists, healthcare innovators to show their latest achievements so as to prevent and challenge the evidence-based scientific treatments



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