Food and Beverages 2022

Jul 04-05, 2022


Paris, France

Welcome message:

Eating healthily helps to lower the risk of physical health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Even in the case of the Covid -19 virus, all medical specialists encouraged patients to eat a healthy and balanced diet.You may have observed that your mood frequently influences the types of foods you eat as well as how much you eat.

2ndInternational Conference on Food and Beverage Research invites you in Paris, France on July 4-5, 2022. This event takes place over 2 days and will comprise plenary lectures, parallel sessions, poster sessions, and our ever-popular ‘Workshop’ events, with something to suit all food and beverage industry. This two-day event will include plenary lectures, parallel sessions, poster sessions, and our ever-popular 'Workshop' events, providing something for everyone in the food and beverage sector.

About Conference:

The Food and Beverage Industry is vast, complex, and replete with specialized machinery. It's one of the world's oldest industries, but it's also one of the most innovative. This business is constantly looking for innovative ways to create the food people desire at the lowest feasible price, from new items to higher-volume, lower-cost production procedures. And critical equipment is available at all times. The food and beverage business relies on industrial-scale food production equipment ranging from simple ovens and conveyor belts to complex bottling and packaging devices.

Aim of Food and Beverage 2022 is to bring various professionals, researchers and scholars under one roof and discuss in and out of food industry.


Target audience:

  • Academicians, University Professors, Faculty & Students
  • Directors, Board Members, Presidents, Vice Presidents
  • Nutrition and Food science Associates
  • Food technologist
  • Health educator
  • Food safety officers
  • Holistic Nutritionist.
  • Clinical Dietician
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Nutrition based Companies
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Associations and Societies
  • Nutritionists & Dietetics Experts
  • And Many More…

Market Analysis:

Food retail is dominated by European and American companies, who are expanding their market share in emerging markets, with small merchants accounting for a rising share of food sales. The top 15 global supermarket corporations account for roughly 30% of worldwide supermarket revenues.

Global food retail sales total more than $4 trillion each year. Dairy, seafood, eggs, fruit and vegetables, luxury foods, organic food, meat, packaged food, sauces, and cereal-based products are all part of the food sector.


The advent of Covid-19 has resulted in significant shifts in food and beverage purchasing patterns. Shelf-stable foods such as pasta, rice, and canned items were flying off the shelves. Ingredients that enhance the immune system were at the top of the shopping list.

In the United Kingdom, where online grocery is more established, an increasing proportion of older clients are doing their food shopping online. In 2019, only 8% of over-55s in the UK purchased food and basics online. According to the How Britain Shops Online research, this percentage has now risen to 25%.

Yongmin Xiong E
Endemic Institute of Xian Jiaotong University China

Mikal Finkelstein

Theodora Mantzourani
Endocrinology Diabetes, Nutritional and Preventive Medicine

Emma Feeney
Food for Health Ireland

Sylvia Pfaff
Food Information Service

Yanni Papanikolaou
Nutritional Strategies Inc France

Eugene Dillon
Food for Health Ireland

Alicia Gil Ramirez
Universidad Autnoma de Madrid Spain

Ana Mara Gmez Caravaca
Universidad de Granada Spain

H P Vasantha Rupasinghe
Dalhousie University Canada

Isabel MPLVO Ferreira
University of Porto

Ester Betoret
Alma Mater Studiorum Universit di Bologna Italy

Anna Ardvol
Universitat Rovira i Virgili Spain

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