Environmental Science, Geology & Petroleum

Environmental science isn't one subject; it's an integration of many subjects that embrace each science and social Studies to know all the various aspects of the environment. Therefore the scope of environmental studies is extraordinarily wide and covers some aspects of nearly each major discipline. The requirement for sustainable development may be a key to the longer term of humans. The degradation of the environment is connected to continued issues of pollution, loss of forest, solid waste disposal, problems associated with economic productivity and national likewise as ecological security. The increasing levels of world warming, the depletion of the layer and a significant loss of variety have conjointly created everybody responsive to growing environmental issues.

Mineral deposits were discovered by prospector’s areas where mineral deposits the form of veins were exposed the surface however, prospecting and exploration done by a teams of geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, and mining engineers who work together to discover a new deposits. Modern prospecting methods include the use of sophisticated instruments like GIS to survey and study the geology of the area.



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