Barcelona From days spent tromping the Gothic Quarter to afterlife at the sand and nights partying ‘till dawn, the megacity is glamorous. There’s nowhere in the world like Barcelona. His iconic creations like the jaw- dropping Basilica of La Sagrada Familia, are incontinently recognizable and have fueled millions of trip dreams. Just like allowing about the genius of modern armature without associating him with images of the Catalonian capital. The mastermind’s distinctive style is part of the megacity’s identity. Barcelona and Gaudi are thick. Weather the temperatures are mild, but there are still differences depending on the seasons and areas of the country. The mildest temperatures are in spring and afterlife, allowing you to enjoy the outside virtually the whole day long. Food and drink ,The Mediterranean diet and everything that surrounds eating and drinking in our country makes everyone who visits us fall in love with the tapas, the ham, the paellas, the cocido( typical stew) and our wine. Culture Imagine travelling back in time,000 times as you venture inside the delve of Altamira( Cantabria), immerse yourself in the meter of flamenco, visit the places that inspired Picasso or discover some of the world’s most unique enclaves, similar as the Alhambra( Granada) or the City of trades and lores( Valencia).

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Unique and different natural spaces. Some of them, similar as the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, the Teide National Park and the Pyrenees, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage spots in the artistic geography order. Natural geographies that make you breathe by deeply and forget about your worries, leaving you to enjoy nothing but the moment. We've around 300 days of sun a time and some spectacular decor where you can enjoy the outside like noway ahead. Original tenures, civic routes, themed peregrinations or big passages throughout the country. Suggestions for enjoying your vacation, a flight, or for as long as you want to stay. It's about having lots of effects to do and enjoying the artistic conditioning, chancing fascinating retired gems and taking advantage of the late opening hours to enjoy a many days of retail remedy.

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