52th Annual Congress on Neuroscience and Stroke

Jul 26-27, 2021


Online Webinar

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It is a singular pride to stretch out our warm welcome to the future webinar at 52th Annual Congress on Neuroscience and Stroke (Neuro Summit 2021) that is scheduled during July 26-27, 2021 | Webinar.


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Neuroscience, medical specialty associated Mental disorders webinar is an specific discussion to bring the advanced approaches and additionally unite recognized students and academicians involved with Neuroscience and Strokes, neurobiology, noises additionally specialist specialists, Public well-being specialists, Scientists and Specialists to trade regarding leading-edge analysis and innovations.


 This webinar can acquire advanced data within the field of Neurobiology and Medical Specialty. The aim of the webinar is to prepare the webinar to serve a stage to Scholastics and specialists with the wide spectrum of disciplines on social amendment that's fenced in by technology and innovation.


 It’s the simplest chance to unfold the data worldwide. Here comes Neuroscience Summit 2021 which has worldwide attender workshops, Lectures, Symposia and Exhibitions.


We have a tendency to square measure hospitable all the leading specialists within the field of Neurology and Neurobiology, medical specialty United Nations Agency are going to be throwing a light-weight on the advancements and current analysis in neurobiology.

So, we have a tendency to square measure hospitable you to come back and be a part of the leading specialists of Neurobiology throughout




A Stroke happens once blood flow to any a part of the Brain stops. If blood flow is discontinuing for extended than a couple of seconds, the Brain cannot get nutrients and element.

Brain Cells will die, inflicting death or serious lasting harm. The longer the time that the Brain is discontinue from element, the additional severe the harm.




52 International Conference on Nuroscience & Stroke can collect specialists like Neuroscientists, Clinicians, Neurogeneticst, Psychiatrists, Medical practitioners, Care specialists, tutorial professionals associate degreed students from everywhere the planet to share an interest within the historical pathways underlying medical specialty disorders, techniques to spot those genetic pathways, and also the use of NeuroStroke as tools to develop medical specialty.

The aim of the webinar conference is to supply a platform to academicians and practitioners from multiple disciplines to dialogue and deliberate on Social amendment that's encompassed by innovation and technology.

1. Meet skilled specialists and influencers face to face
2. Publishing recent analysis works in international journals
3. Networking Opportunities, Grow your skilled Network
4. New Tips & ways
5. Hear regarding the most recent analysis
6. Greater Focus
7. Neurologists and administrators
8. Physicians and Neuroscientists
9. Specialists and Researchers
10. Health care professionals and Professors
11. Industrial specialists
12. Neurosurgeons Psychiatrist
14. Nutritional Scientists
15. Lecturers and Students from academe


Target Audience:


1. Mental Health

2. Neuroscientist

3. Neurobiologist

4. Neurological Surgeon

5. Neurologist

6. Neuroanatomist

7. Neuropathologist

8. Neuropharmacologist

9. Neurochemist

10. Neurophysiologist

11. Neuropsychologist

12. Psychobiologist

13. Psychiatrist

14. Neuroscience Nurse

15. Psychophysicist

16. Professors

17. Students

18. Neuro Drug Manufacturers



Market Analysis


Neuroscience and stroke 2021 Market Analysis


Neurology focuses on broad array of disorders and cure of Brain and connecting neurons in line with the newest survey.


Conducted by UN agency, it's disclosed that Neurologic Disorders

Encompassing Stroke, Alzheimer & dementedness, brain disorder and

Many more accounts for over twelve-tone music of deaths worldwide on an average.


 It’s conjointly expected that the quantity of incapacity –adjusted life years non-existent because of neurological disorders area unit expected to accelerate from ninety five million globally in 2015 to 103million by 2030.


Moreover, the worldwide value of Neurological squeal solitary calculable in 2010 was US$ 2.5 trillion and it’s assumed that the worth can spike to over US$ six trillion by 2030.


Over the past twenty five years, the burden of neurologic disorders has been magnified considerably.

Neurologic Disorders area unit the leading reason behind death and incapacity within the world nowadays.


The most prevailing neurologic disorders were:


Headache Cases (about 1500 million) Migraine (about 1000 million) Medication overuse headaches (about 60 million) Alzheimer's disease and dementedness (about 46 million)


Between 1990 and 2020, the quantity of deaths from Neurological disorders magnified by 36.7%   and also the variety of DALYs by 7.4%. The rates of cases per one hundred, 000 people increased in shaking palsy (by fifteen.7%), Alzheimer's disease (2.4%), motor nerve fibre malady (3.1%), and brain and nervous System cancers (8.9%).


Higher rates of prevalence of neurological disorders in rural areas, 6-8 million folks with epilepsy and high case fatality rates of stroke (27-42%) demand urgent methods in Asian country

The global neurobiology market was valued at around USD 26,350 million within the year 2016.


It’s expected to succeed in approximately USD 34,800 million by 2024. The global Neuroscience market is anticipated to exhibit a CAGR of a lot of than 3.5% between 2017 and 2024.



Geographically, the Neuromarketing Technology is categorized into five different regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Rest of the World.


 North America is expected to be a prominent region in the Neuromarketing Technology market over forecast period. The U.S. is the leading country in the region owing to increase in number of solution providers of neuroscience technology.


Globally, Stroke could be a leading reason for mortality and incapacity and there square measure substantial economic prices for post-stroke care.


Results from the 2020 iteration of the worldwide Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD) showed that though the age-standardised death rates and prevalence of stroke have bated over time, the burden of Stroke has remained high.

As population’s age, and low-income and    middle-income    countries bear the epidemiologic transition from infectious to non-communicable diseases because the predominant reason for morbidity, alongside concomitant will increase in modifiable risk factors, it's expected that the burden of stroke can more increase till effective stroke hindrance methods square measure a lot of wide enforced