7th Annual Congress on Cell Science, Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine

Aug 15-16, 2022


Chicago, United States of America

Welcome message  

LexisConferences Conference invites you to show your presence and share your ideas and information related to the Stem Cells at the 7th Annual Congress on Cell Sciences and Regenerative Medicine that is going to be held on August 15-16, 2022 Chicago, USA. Stem Cell 2022 will provide a platform for experts, researchers, students, and scientists, to give a deep concept about the topic through their oral talks, and presentations. The main aim of this conference is to explore knowledge and discuss queries related to Stem Cells.

About conference

LexisConferences Conference organizing the 7th Annual Congress on Cell Sciences, Stem Cells, and Regenerative Medicine Conference will provide a common platform to leaders in research, industrial experts, and trainees so that we can share the new ideas and facts  in the respective fields leading to the development of new generation stem cell technologies

such as regenerative medicines.

Why attend?

Stem Cell 2022 Conference will provide an ideal platform to express the views and knowledge in deep about the latest research work done in the stem cells fields.Debate to reduce the gaps and priorities which will lead to the development of next-generation stem cell technologies to measure the future aspects and updates related to the stem cells. The event will provide an opportunity to interact with well-known speakers and industry experts.

Target audience

Keynote Speakers | Renowned Speakers | Eminent Personalities | Association Heads | Directors | CEO | Organization Or Institution Heads | Stem Cell Laboratory Heads & Researchers | Post-Docs | Students Along With Companies Can Be Targeted As The Audience

Abstract Submission Details
The organizing committee of the Stem Cell 2022 Conference would like to invite speakers to submit their research for inclusion in the Stem Cells 2022 scientific program. 

Submit your abstract online at Speaker abstract (or)  Email to: [email protected]

Market analysis-

The stem cell market has been increased continuously due to an increase in awareness about the research and stem cell therapies both in the government and private sector.  The global market of stem cells has a CAGR of 36.52% from 2017-2021 and is dominated by the USA primarily (13.9% CAGR) 

followed by Europe (13.4% CAGR). Asia-Pacific shows the highest growth in the stem cells market. About 77.45 of the total US market about 77.45 of the total US market.

Stem cells banking values from 2012-2022

Stem cells help develop oncology disorder segments and in research areas leading to the development of new therapies like regenerative therapies use of induced pluripotent stem cells. These stem cells are used as an alternative to embryonic stem cells so that they can contribute high revenue.

 The main advantage in market development is the high totipotency and indefinite lifespan of stem cells. The top companies competing in the market for stem cell products are Thermo Fischer Scientific, Qiagen NV, Sigma competing in the market for stem cell products are Thermo Fischer Scientific, Qiagen NV, Sigma Aldrich, Becton, Dickinson and company, and stem cell technologies.

Program Overview