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2nd World Congress on Psychiatry and Mental Health 2022

Sep 16-17, 2022


San Francisco, United States of America

Psychiatry and Mental Health 2022

LexisConferencesConferences Conferences would cordially invite all the participants from different geographical locations from the globe to attend the Online Webinar “2nd World Congress on Psychiatry and Mental Health 2022” which will be scheduled on September 16,17 2022. The key theme of Psychiatry and Mental Health 2022 emphasizes Psychiatric help focusing on prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Our main goal is to an unprecedented accomplishment with world category talks and discussion by honourable psychiatrists and psychologists within the field.

Psychiatry and Mental Health 2022 will going to gather a large set of all the renowned scientists, professors, students, junior research fellows, leading neurologist & psychiatrists, members of different psychiatric association, medicinal field and medical technology companies related to psychiatry, psychology and mental health under a single global platform showcase the developments and future aspects. 


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 Details of Psychiatry 2022:

Conference Name Venue Dates
Psychiatry and Mental Health San Francisco, USA September 16-17, 2022



Psychiatry and Mental Health: Mental disorders mean 14% of disease throughout the world; Yet they get a normal of just 50% of one per cent (0.5%) of prosperity spending in low-salary nations (WHO ATLAS 2011). In addition, to that seventy five per cent (73%) of the cash spent on the Mental Health and emotional wellness and national governments is spending on psychiatric clinics, rather than on community care.

USA was the most important maker of psychological well-being research, with 36% of all papers having at least one US-based author. The United States was likewise home to 31% of the research distinguished, with the most apparent being associations and offices with in the national government. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) were the main two founders by and large, yet other research founders, for instance, the National Institute on substance abuse (NIDA), the National Institute on Aging, and therefore the Department of Veterans Affairs, likewise included in the main ten worldwide founders.

Growth of Market on Psychiatry and Mental Health in the last and upcoming years:

North America has the greatest market towards the mental health programming, anticipated by the Europe. As per BBC investigate the worldwide market of drugs as regards to the Psychiatry and Mental Health disorders was esteemed as $70.1 billion in 2012 and it is decide to possess declined lightly too about $69 billion in 2013 and by 2018 it points the market development is around $77.1 billion.


Major Addiction Associations and societies round the Globe:

• American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

• American Society of Addiction Medicine

• National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

• Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation

• National Institute on substance abuse

• International Association of Addiction & Offender Counsellors

• International Society of Addiction Medicine

• New York Society of Addiction Medicine (NYSAM)

• National Association of Alcohol and substance abuse Counsellors

• Georgia Addiction Counsellors Association

• National Institute on alcoholic abuse and Alcoholism

• State association of addiction services


    Target Audience:

  • Academia 50%
  • Industry 20%
  • Clinicians 20%
  • Others 10%