5th International Conference and Exhibition on Polymer Chemistry

Aug 02-03, 2021


Online Webinar

Welcome message

We are honored and delighted to welcome all eminent scientists, eloquent academicians, young researchers, business delegates and students to5th International Conference and Exhibition on Polymer Chemistry Online Webinar dated  August 02-03, 2021, towards the theme "Polymer the Domain of Chemistry". We welcome you all to be part of us at the  “5th International Conference and Exhibition on Polymer Chemistry Online Webinar an arena where you will be certain to have a necessary involvement with researchers from around the globe. Unparalleled response and dynamic interest of the Young Researchers  and in the presence of our eminent Delegates , scientists around the globe would be benefitted by receiving a global platform to present their journals and views on the same in 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Polymer Chemistry in front of eminent researchers, scientists, and pioneers in the discipline of Polymer Chemistry will make this gathering one of the exceptional and overwhelming experience of 2021

Polymers chemistry provides innovative research area in provocating young ones in developing research fields and provides cutting edge technology for tremendous innovations.

Polymer chemistry  covers in-depths area of science at micro and macro level thus help to learn about synthesis, characterization, properties and numerous other benefits of polymer, including branches mimicking physical (property determination), chemical (organic and inorganic nature of bonds), biological (proteins, polysaccharides) and analytical (qualitative and quantitative analysis) options of  chemistry.

Polymer engineering, bio-medical polymersbio-plastics, bio-catalysis in polymer chemistry, functional polymers, molecule structures, polymerization, synthetic polymers, solid waste management, polymeric material sciences, therapeutic chemical compound, and applications of polymers are important ideas for discussion.

Meet eminent personalities all under one common platform  for sharing ideas by exclusive scientist, passionate researchers, and prestigious delegates across the globe.

We’re looking forward for current meeting success by bringing revolution in field of polymer science through sharing your concepts, views, and experiences of research work under one roof for more robust world.


Organizing Committee Member | Polymer Chemistry 2021.


The aim of webinar is to bring multidisciplinary community of scientist and young researchers from all over the world together to share views and new ideas regarding contemporary research technologies related to polymer science and material science.

Why to attend?

5th International Conference and Exhibition on Polymer Chemistry 2021 is going to be biggest platform for focusing on Polymer the Domain of Chemistry and provides premier technical webinar for reporting and learning about latest research and development, along with discussing new areas of field along with future prospects. Event includes latest topics on polymer chemistry, presentations from all over the world and professional networking with industries, leading working groups and panels.

You have a opportunity to meet targeted Business experts leading market in present time frame concentrated on finding about new technologies and fields related to Polymer chemistry, providing great opportunity. Conduct shows, disperse data, meet with current researchers and gather their acknowledgment in particular occasion. Widely acclaimed speakers, latest methods, strategies, up to date overhauls in Polymer science and Engineering are focused in conference.


Benefit to attend this conference is to understand need of polymer chemistry in present market covering major part of all related industries.

Target audience

  • Eminent Scientists
  • Research Professors in the field polymer chemistry
  • Junior/Senior research fellows
  • Students
  • Directors of polymer research companies
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Members of different physics and Chemistry associations.

Market analysis

The Global Plastic Polymer Market looks forward for ever increasing demand of plastic. Technological relevance in vast Polymeric materials exhibit way to enhance properties mainly  by molecular behavior i.e. the nature of macromolecules yet arise fundamental scientific questions and technological challenges ahead, motivating latest research activities worldwide. Several industries need plastic for packaging, food & beverages. Plastic in packaging of vegetables, crude meat, and fish in consumable state without degrading beneficial nutrients provides large market area cover. Comparing all types of polymers shape memory polymer segment holds highest share in global market. Example:  USA, UK, Japan, China, India, Brazil.











As per global market, various polymers are used in our everyday life.

  1. The antimicrobial plastic market size is increased from USD 29.6 billion in 2018 to USD 43.1 billion by 2023.(CAGR 7.8%)
  2. Size of polymer chemistry shows increment from USD 29.8 billion in 2018 to 42.9 billion by 2023. (CAGR 7.6%)
  3. HBPA epoxy resin size estimated to be USD 1.7 billion in 2018 reaching USD 2.2 billion by 2023. (CAGR 5.1%)
  4. Aerospace plastic market projected to increase from USD 14.7 billion in 2018 to USD 20.7 billion by 2023. (CAGR 7.1%)