Annual Congress on Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Aug 20-21, 2021


Online Webinar

Welcome Message

International Conference on Pharmaceuticals Webinar welcomes all the attendees, lecturers, patrons and other research expertise from all over the globe to Annual Congress on Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences which is going to be held on August 20-21, 2021. We are thrilled to invite you all to discuss and share your views and involvement in the Concepts and Frameworks for Pharmaceutical Sciences.


About Conference 

We are delighted to announce the upcoming “International Conference on Pharmaceuticals Webinar” which is going to be held during May 26-27, 2021. The conference is concentrated on the theme “Evolution of clinical research in advanced life”. It takes the privilege to ask all the participants, speakers, students, delegates, sponsors, exhibitors from everywhere the planet to attend our conference.
It covers wide selection of critically important sessions that deals with the present research development within the field of pharmaceutical sciences, Healthcare and general medicine and also, about the new drug research methods which are forge by scientists to treat various diseases in easier way. This conference acts as a best platform for attendees to find out about the recent trends within the field of pharmacy. You can refresh your insights about the present circumstance of pharmaceutical sciences and Internal medicine and obtain name and acknowledgment at this 2-day occasion. This meeting will give the stage to share and expand the knowledge. Incredibly famous speakers with their definitive chats on the newest methods, strategies within the clinical research are the signs of this meeting.

Target Audience

Why to attend???

This is your biggest opportunity to lead the largest assemblage of participants from the  Pharmaceuticals. Live Events which include Keynote Sessions, Speaker Sessions, and Poster Presentations Video Presentations; provides a unique approach for learning and career building. Attendees will be having an opportunity to form networks with Business Delegates, Academics, and Experts in Pharmaceutics , Pharmaceutical science, and Engineering across the globe.

The Impact of Industry on Pharma Sector 

The Tree Map below illustrates the top 10 pharma industry trends that will impact companies in 2021. From drug discovery and development to medical imaging and patient engagement, artificial intelligence occupies a prominent position in the industry. Along with big data and analytics, more than a third of pharma startups are working on software solutions for the industry. There is still a lack of access to basic medicines in many regions of the world, prompting demand for flexible pharmaceutical manufacturing. The use of real-world data to collect accurate patient experiences, block chain to securely transact and manage patient records, and augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR, VR & MR) solutions also find a place in the top 10 pharma industry trends. However, these trends cover only a small fraction of the breadth of innovation in the industry. Based on your specific criteria, your top trends can look quite different.


Market Analysis

The global pharmaceuticals market was worth $934.8 billion in 2021 and will reach $1170 billion in 2025, growing at 5.8%, according to a recent Pharma market research report by The Business Research Company.

This is an accelerated pace compared to 5.2% for the years before 2021 but is slower than the other two large healthcare segments, medical equipment, and healthcare services. Healthcare as a whole is growing at over 7% year on year.


Program Overview