Our Venue & Logistics team is in communication with 2 best properties (Hotels) in New York, USA and we will update the final venue information soon.


You will be able to book your accommodation at the same time as when you register for the Neonatology 2020 World Congress.



About City

Demographics and City Layout: New York City is the most diverse and populated city in the United States (the city has a population density of over 27,000 people per square mile). In New York, you’ll find almost every race and language you can think of under the sun, hence the common moniker, “the melting pot of the world.” The city is made up of 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island, all of which were “grouped” together into a single city in 1898.


History: Present day New York City was originally inhabited by Native Americans, who sold it to the Dutch. After a series of forays by various European explorers, including Henry Hudson who discovered Manhattan Island in 1609, the Dutch “colonized” the region via The Dutch West India Holding Company in 1624 and set up a settlement called New Amsterdam. In 1664, the region was taken from the Dutch by the English, an event that was part of the Anglo-Dutch Wars that occurred during that era (1652–1784).


                                  Fun Fact: “New York” was named after the Duke of York, who would go on to become King James II.


Economy: Today, New York City is widely recognized as the global center for the financial services industry. It’s also the heartbeat of the American publishing industry (traditional anyway), media, entertainment (along with California), telecommunications, law and advertising industries. The city houses the main headquarters for many global corporations and business entities.


Culture: On a cultural note, New York City is home to the famous Times Square, where thousands of tourists come to visit all year round. In the city you’ll find other attractions like Broadway and the theater district, New York’s Fashion Week where top designers from all over the world show off their wares, countless concerts by top artists at Central Park especially during summer months…I could go on and on. It’s no surprise then, that this sprawling metropolis is widely regarded as the cultural capital of the United States.

New York City, while regarded as one of the most diverse cities in the world, also has one of the most segregated school systems in America.


City Attractions