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Title: 2nd International Conference on Immunology and Immunogenetics

Biography :

Ahmed Hegazi is at the present an educator of Microbial science and Immunology within the Public Exploration Place, Egypt. Prof. Hegazi accepted his graduate degree in 1979, and his PhD in 1981. Hegazi's exploration work has been centered recently around honey bee items and their restorative impacts. Dr. Hegazi grants; Top of the road Design of Greatness, Egypt, 1995, The Senior Researcher Prize of Public Exploration Place, Cairo, Egypt, 1996, the general public Logical Award In Natural Sciences, Egypt, 1990,

The Logical Award of the general public Exploration Community, Cairo, Egypt, 1989, the following Best Exploration Paper Grant, Global Congress of Propolis, Bones Aires, Argentina, 2000, Principle Speaker Award,10th Scholastic Meeting, PRA and NAS (Nippon Apitherapy Soc.) Japan, 2006, 2 Bronze decorations from The Worldwide Advancement Fair of the middle East, Kuwait, 2007 Granted of Ghazi Wad Allah Salon Prize, 2008.

Granted the Legitimacy Mindful of Clinical Sciences, the general public Exploration Community, 2016. Dr. Hegazi contributed Director of the general public Board for Microbiological Sciences (NCMS) in Egypt, Institute of Science and Innovation, Egypt, from 2018. Hegazi coordinated and added to public and worldwide exploration projects starting around 1977 and up till now; he has been the key agent on numerous examination projects inside the general public Exploration Community.

He Directed instructional classes on Clinical Microbial science, Public Exploration Place in 1979. He has 242 articles publically and worldwide logical diaries. Proofreader in 48 diaries, Ref within the 98 Worldwide Diaries, Coordinator of 114 Global Discussion and meetings, His distributions: 243 articles publicly and worldwide logical diaries, 9 books in West Germanic and 13 books in Semitic. He has patent No. 28335at 11/12/2017. also, registers for other 5