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Title: 14th Annual Conference on Dental Practice and Oral Health Care

Biography :

Dr. Unnati soni is an enthusiastic and dedicated emerging young dentist, who loves Science and art. She applies her knowledge to provide satisfactory treatment to the patients. She has diagnosed many special oral conditions and provided oral health care educational camps in rural area of siddhpur to spread awareness of oral hygiene and health. She is passionate about her skills in Dentistry and as a recent graduate she always curiously accepts/finds an opportunities to learn about advanced dentistry to improve her knowledge, skills and gain experience. She has earned her B.D.S degree (Bachelors of dental surgery) from government dental college, Gujarat, India where she was a toper. Her curiosity in research has inspired her to build this article, she has completed her first research article successfully after 9months of single-handed hardwork of research under the guidance of experienced MD professor of radiology. Currently she is enthusiastically more gaining experience in the USA.