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Title: 26th Global Congress on Biotechnology

Biography :

Narges Shahgholian is an Assistant Professor of Food Science and Engineering at Shahid Chamran University (SCU) of Ahvaz. She received her PhD in Food Engineering in the field of "Food Chemistry & Nanotechnology", Mashhad, RIFST in 2016. Experiences & Executive Records: 5+ years of experience in Food Industries Sector. Specially "Dairy and Supplement Industry/Technology of infant formula" and Edible Oil Technology". She has 14+ certificate of skills training (ex, Infant formula plant commissioning, Advance in Protein & Carbohydrate Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Rheology, Modern Food Technology, Statistics in Process optimization, TQM). She has been 35+ food factory visiting and internship in Iran and Germany. TEACHING AND TRAINING EXPERIENCE: • Food Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry, Azad University, B.S level, 2010. • Food Quality Control, (Theory & Practical), Azad University, B.S level, 2009-2010. • Edible oils technology, University of Applied Sciences, M.Sc. level, 2016. • Evaluation of solid and liquid tissues in food industry, Azad University, Ph.D level, 2017. • Effect of process on food quality / new processes, Azad University, Ph.D. level, 2016-2017. • Research Methods, SCU, M.Sc. level, 2019-2021. • Food Microbiology, (Theory & Practical), SCU, B.S level, 2019-2021. • Food Biochemistry, SCU, B.S level, 2019-2021. • Food industries (1, 2, 3), SCU, B.S level, 2019-2021. • Basics of plant products processing, (Theory & Practical), SCU, B.S level, 2021. • Unit Operation (3), SCU, B.S level, 2021. • Project (1,2,3) (for food machines students), SCU, B.S level, 2020-2021.

Researches :

  • Interests and Research Fields: Motivation to work as part of a team in an interdisciplinary environment; Nutraceutical & bioactive delivery/ Supplement Industry/ Food process engineering: "Advanced Methods in Encapsulation rely on biopolymers & Nanotech" Application of HPUS in food industry. Scale-up of value added products of agricultural wastes;