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Title: 14th International Conference on Lasers, Optics Photonics

Biography :

Professor York DDS MS PhD Excellence in Clinical Teaching, from the University of New York, Academy of Distinguished Educators. Ph.D. is earned in Photo Bio Modulation in 2011, preceded by a Master of Science Degree awarded in Biophysics and Bio-Cellular Technology in 2004. Doctor York started her medical career in 1998. As a Professor Honoris for PMS College in India, Kerala University, she put the basis of a Diploma Course in Lasers starting in 2015 -. Quantham Clinical Assistant Professor at the Cariology and Comprehensive Care Department of NYU, New York USA. Dr. York serves now as the President of the European Medical Laser Association (www.emla.info). Her most important research … for over 25 years: the cold transparent light that heals and regenerates - photo bio modulation PBM. In private, Dana is an accomplished artist with a family heritage of European descent. Professor Dana York lives in the USA.

Researches :

  • Soft-Laser Surgery , Eye Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery,