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Title: 6th International Conference on Oncology and Precision Medicine

Biography :

Dr Ivan Terziev was born in 1961. He graduated in Medicine in 1987 from the Medical University of Sofia and obtained a specialty in Pathology and Cytology in 1991. Dr Terziev has been working at Tsaritsa Yoanna ISUL University Hospital since 1988, and he is also an Assistant professor of Pathology at the Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Dr Terziev is a member of Bulgarian and European Society of Pathology and Bulgarian-Turkish group on Diseases of Thyroid and Breast. He has numerous publications in Bulgarian scientific journals, as well as more than 20 papers in reputed international ones. Dr Terziev is working in the area of histopathology of head of neck, thyroid gland, gastrointestinal, breast and surgical pathology