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Title: 6th International Conference on Oncology and Precision Medicine

Biography :

Dr. Kevin Yap is an inter-disciplinary cyber-pharmacist and digital health researcher at the Department of Public Health, La Trobe University. He has knowledge in digital media creation, web databases, data mining and analytics. His interests span the whole digital healthcare innovation cycle through the development, utilization, application and/or evaluation of informatics, internet, digital and other health-related technologies in various healthcare settings to enhance medications management in patients, as well as the flow of drug-related information and knowledge to healthcare professionals and patients. These include drug databases, mobile apps, prediction of adverse drug reactions, telemedicine/telepharmacy, social media, virtual platforms, and serious games, among others, to enhance health education, medicines use and improve patient care.

Researches :

  • Digital healthcare & E-health, Tele-medicine & M-health, Pharmaco-informatics & Cybernetic pharmacy, Social media in healthcare, Onco-informatics, CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Informatics and Digital education & E-learning.