Materials Science & Nano

Energy and Environment are the global challenges to up-thrust for a promising generation. Latest innovations and research outburst over the last few years offered novel materials to challenge the global demands on energy efficiency and clean environment.

Experts need to address on recent technologies and innovations as 3D printing Technology, Graphene materials, fuel cells, energy conservation & storage, efficiency of battery performance, Nanotechnology in Medical Sciences and all other areas, where rapid advancements are occurring. Successful Research creates new knowledge and it should be shared to the world

Materials Science and Nano wing of Lexis Conferences engendered with the orientation to unscramble the energy solutions and clean environment for a sustainable generation by infusing novel materials in day to day life. Join our council to manifest interpretations and surpass stumbling blocks.

Top Universities offering Materials Science: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University from United States occupied first two positions in offering a quality education in Materials Science and engineering whereas, Imperial College London from United Kingdom occupied third position.

In North America, there are probably some 10,000 to 15,000 materials scientists and engineers doing R&D work, with a similar number in Europe and Asia. Perhaps another 60,000 materials scientists in North America (with a similar number in Europe and Asia) work in other areas, including manufacturing and professional services.



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