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Title: 7th International Congress And Exhibition on Endocrine And Diabetic Complications

Biography :

Ayla Coussa has completed her degree in Dietetics & Human Nutrition at McGill University (Canada). She also obtained her Credentialed Practitioner Licence by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She went on to complete a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition at McGill. Ms. Coussa is specialized in diabetes and weight-loss management. She was the first practitioner to introduce Nutrigenomix© genetic testing in Quebec (Canada). Ms. Coussa has also been involved in academia at McGill University at the School of Dietetics & Human Nutrition and the Faculty of Medecine. As an ongoing advocate of public wellbeing, Ms. Coussa plays a pioneer role in guidelines’ development and teaching practises for diabetes. She has developed the first Arabic version of the Diabetes Prevention and Management Nutrition tool for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Researches :

  • type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance