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Title: Clinical Pediatrics

Biography :

Doctor Saida Ahmed currently is working at Benadir University as a Pediatrics Lecturer. Prior of that she had assignment at the Federal Minister of Health as Child Health Adviser for the implementation of high quality child health services strategic technical leadership to MOH in different regions in Somalia. Also, Dr. Saida was building on existing tools and approaches to ensure the efficiency, acceptability, and impactful services for children at facility, community and patient level.

 Dr. Saida graduated as Medical Doctor, specializing in pediatrics from the University la Sapienza in Italy.  She has been training and working in Somalia, Kenya, Italy and Canada along with her work at Osservatorio Epidemiologico of Lazio in Rome, Italy.

 Dr. Saida developed diverse trainings and workshops modules for awareness of child health and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Somalia, Europe, and in Canada. She translates booklets and audios about FGM, family planning, breastfeeding, immunization, and a series of child development.